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Tour Schedule


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August 13th            House of Speed

We started the season on August 13th at Don Beebe’s House of Speed/Synergy Field. Scotty Smith the owner of the House of Speed gave a fascinating description of the Synergy Field artificial grass indoor field. The field is designed to simulate grass to the extent that ‘rug’ burns and joint injuries are eliminated. The field is available for team practices or to coaches for individual training. We also saw athletes training with House of Speed staff to develop skills necessary for them to improve and get to the next level in their competitive sports.

Scott demonstrated a dedication to providing the best of equipment, methods and staff to help athletes get the competitive edge.


September 24th      Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

September 24th we traveled to the Department satellite office to hear a presentation from Chad Degrave, the Department’s Design Supervisor on the USH 41 upgrades.

We learned about some of the challenges in the construction of the areas largest public works project in history.

Chad told us about schedules, upcoming activities and other interesting facets of the project. We were also informed about the upcoming conversion of USH 41 to interstate status and the USH 10/USH 41 and 441 renovations.

Members also had an opportunity to view the scale model of the STH 29/USH 41 interchange to get a clearer view of the construction.


October 29th           Seura Manufacturing

Update: Oct .29th we visited Seura Manufacturing to learn about this 10 year old firms success in the electronics and mirror industries. We had a presentation from CEO and owner Tim Gilbertson on their line of products. He talked about the many things Seura does to stay competitive in a very competitive field.

Tim and his production manager provided a tour of the manufacturing facility for their varied product lines. Products included etched and lighted mirrors for commercial customers, televisions within mirrors for commercial and residential customers and the Seura line of televisions they manufacture for outside applications including wet and cold environments.


November 5th         C.A. Lawton Co.

Tuesday Nov.5th we headed to the CA Lawton Co. to view the manufacturing facility of this 134 year old family owned company. Lawton competes under the Calco Brand in many different industrial segments producing large cast iron and machined components for varied machinery.  We had a presentation from Alex Lawton who is the 5th CEO of the family owned business. He discussed the steps CA Lawton is staying competitive in a business that has shrunk considerably in the post WW II period.   We saw the entire work flow from incoming scrap metal processing to the final product finishing.  We also toured the pattern making operations and the machine shops where Lawton can do final machining of the castings.


December 3rd         City of Green Bay

Ten of us toured the City of Green Bay Department of Public Works Municipal Garage at  519 S. Oneida St. on Dec. 3rd. We saw how the City uses the latest technology to maintain over 450 miles of city streets  during the winter.

We saw their winter operations tracking system, brine mixing and storing and the state of the art  equipment they employ to deliver services efficiently and safety



January 14th           NOAA Weather

We had a presentation at the National Weather Service Office presented by Jeff last. Jeff is the Severe Weather Coordinating Meteorologist for the weather service. Jeff showed us how data is collected by automated weather stations, hydrogen balloons that reach an altitude of 95,000 feet, weather satellites and weather spotters.  We saw the staff tracking the weather system that was in the area that day and learned how the severe weather data is disseminated to the public and various agencies.


February 11th          Green Bay Packaging     === Tour Cancelled ===

Next on the schedule is the Green Bay Packaging production facility at 831 Radisson St. in Green Bay. The firm is a manufacturer of corrugated packaging materials.

Because of the factory environment we will be equipped with headphones for the tour. Tour participation is limited to twenty men.


March 11th               ACE Marine

On March 11th 38 of us toured the production facilities of ACE manufacturing. ACE stands for Aluminum Center of Excellence. The are currently about one half through an order to manufacture aluminum medium response boats for the US Coast Guard. Jeff Frank the Production Manager for ACE gave a presentation on the facility on their operation. Since they started production of the boats they have reduced the time to complete one boat from 10,ooo hours to about 4,000 hours. They have partnered with their workforce and sought continuous improvement. After the presentation we toured the facility and saw the boats set up in different stages of assembly.   We saw the propulsion systems, engines, the welding  and finish work.


March 25th              Green Bay Curling Club

Harry Maier one of our members led us on a tour of the Green bay Curling Club. Harry and his assistants told us about the history of curling, their facility and invited us to throw a few innings of curling. We heard about their history, the technology behind building and maintaining an excellent ice sheet. They showed us sweeping and helped the men aim and throw the stone. All the guys had a great time at this informative and fun outing.


April 8th                   N.E.W. Plastics

The Club took a trip to Luxemberg to visit NEW Plastics. We had a presentation on the company, saw how NEW Plastic recycles their industrial waste and witnessed the production of the bottles that NEW makes for the food industry. We also observed their recycle plastic operation in the manufacture of structural plastic elements for decking, furniture and other applications. After the tour some of the members took advantage of the generosity of some of the local businesses in Luxemberg. We were treated to free samples of some of Salmon Meat products. Ron’s Cheese also provided members 10% off purchases at the cheese store.


May 7th                   Spring 2014 Tour

Depart Green Bay from Lambeau Field               7:00 am   1265 Lombardi Ave, Green Bay

Arrive Sturgeon Bay Maritime Museum               8:00 am  120 N. Madison Ave, Sturgeon Bay

Tour museum and Tug John Purvis                     8:15 am

Embark for Peninsula Ag Research Station         10:30 am  4312 N. HWY 42, Sturgeon Bay

Tour research station                                           11:45 am

Lunch at Bistro 42                                                12:00 pm  5806 HWY 42, Carlsville

Tour Door Peninsula Distillery                              12:45 pm  5806 HWY 42

Embark for Ponderosa Dairy                                 2:30 pm

Arrive  Ponderosa Dairy                                        3:15 pm  N. 4893 Kewaunee County HWY C Kewaunee WI

Depart for Green Bay                                             4:30 pm

Arrive Green Bay                                                    5:30 pm


May 20th                   WI Public Service Gas Generation

June 17th                 Symbolic Creations

July                           Open